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Ever get stuck? Know someone who is stuck?

Stuck 4x4

Could be stuck in the job, a relationship, stuck on a project with no clear path through?

Susan Stageman, a master practitioner in NLP, taught me the steps to help someone get unstuck.

  1. Discuss the issue with them. Then state, “It sounds like or looks like you are confused about (name what it is.)”

  2. Ask them, “What part of (it, the problem the situation) are you clear on?”

  3. Then ask, “ What is confusing about (it)?”

  4. Ask them “ What is missing?” or, “What parts are missing from the puzzle?”

  5. They will tell you and then you will discuss the parts that are missing from the view or parts missing from the puzzle. Then ask, “What are you curious about?”

  6. Once they tell you what is missing, their mind will start connecting things and it should be easy for them to tell you one or 2 things they are curious about, or that they don’t know but need/want to know about the situation.

  7. Then you will ask, “What is clear to you now?”

This process is called “Stuck to Clear” and it is a useful tool for helping others get clear on any issue.

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