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What we do:

  • Fractional or part-time executive who assists in transition, growth, or turn-around

  • Strategy development and execution partner

  • Merger, Acquisition or Sale execution assistance

  • Recruiter for the right people

  • Technology development

  • University partnerships

Representative Assignments:

  • Fractional CFO helping launch a medical device company

  • Negotiator for Biotech company licensing innovative brain stimulation technology

  • CTO for a Fintech company

  • Debt restructuring for an electronics manufacturer

  • Due diligence for a private equity company on an investment

  • Board member leading M&A process

  • Mentor to university startups in drone technology, business to business marketplace, AI toolkit, and vegan food products



  • Boosted sales, profit, and shareholder value

  • Accelerated leadership development

  • Created high-performance cultures and teams

  • Increased corporate value for funding or acquisition

  • Generated rapid, bottom-line impact


Organizations receiving the most significant benefit from Jon’s guidance are:

  • Founders, owners, or C-suite leaders who want to grow, sell, or transition their businesses

  • Leaders and investors in startup/early-stage science and technology-based companies who want to accelerate growth

  • Substantial business challenges (beyond only needing funds)

  • Committed stakeholders who are open to temporarily augmenting their leadership teams

  • Innovative products and technology that have moved past the concept stage and are poised for growth

  • Have identified meaningful projects

  • Realistic exit feasibility

Increasing Business Value through Growth Consulting

Skyscrapers Above Times Square at Dawn


Inspiring organizations to take new actions



Inspiring organizations to take new actions


Turn Around Services

In the most turbulent situations, businesses need to stabilize their finances, and improve their operations to preserve value. Working with management, investment bankers, lawyers, and other professionals, we help companies improve results for the benefit of all stakeholders. We work in short and long-term horizons, and our efforts will have immediate, material, and quantifiable positive impacts.


Interim Management 

During times of change, businesses often require hands-on, experienced leadership. We initiate and implement improvement and restructuring plans, while reporting to a company’s board or investors.  We work closely with stakeholders across the company, transferring knowledge to current employees. If needed, we will help search for permanent candidates to prepare for a smooth transition and build a foundation for lasting success.

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