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We work with:

  • High potential leaders in development to the next level

  • Technical managers to transform into business leaders

  • Executives who have been recently hired or promoted and need to make an immediate impact


The benefits of Executive Coaching include:

  • Enhanced performance and increased productivity

  • Attracting talent and boosting morale

  • Increasing self-awareness and confidence

  • Leveraging and building new behaviors and competencies

  • Accelerating career growth


Leaders reporting the most success from Susan’s executive coaching are:


  • Motivated leaders ready to learn, and gain self-awareness.

  • Leaders ready to develop their people.

  • Leaders in large matrixed, complex structures.

  • Leaders who want to take on greater responsibility and accelerate their careers.

  • Entrepreneurs and founders who realize that their leadership effectiveness will make or break their company’s success and are ready to do the personal change work.

Transforming Leaders through Executive Coaching

Team coaching

Intact teams reporting to same manager

  • We work to build trust, alignment, enhanced communication to create more high functioning dynamics.

  • Teams who benefit may be going through significant challenges, new leadership or changes that require new thinking and learning to be successful.

  • There is a strong need to unify around goals. Team coaching creates high performing, healthy teams.


Cross- functional teams

  • We work on clear processes for smooth workflow.

  • We build foundational trust and collaboration.

  • Next, we work on alignment, accountability, and whatever additional areas they define as mission-critical to produce significant results.

Teams will learn greater accountability, collaboration, productivity, and break-through thinking


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team coaching
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