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Powerful Internal Leaders Need Alliance Management Skills

Wikipedia defines an alliance as “an arrangement between two [parties] that have decided to share resources to undertake a specific, mutually beneficial project.” Whether or not the term “alliance manager” is in your job title or list of duties, if your role involves internal communications or coordination, you are doing alliance management.

Business people working in group

The core business skills required to be an effective alliance manager are the same as what are needed to be a powerful leader in any function – especially those who provide a service to the rest of the organization, such as IT, HR, talent management or facilities management.

As a former alliance organization leader at HP, I am still connected to my friends in that program. I also follow the LinkedIn group of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP).

That’s why alliance management principles were fresh on my mind the other day when I was speaking to a client. An internal communication executive in a global company, he was outlining the skills he needs to be effective. He self-scored himself low on setting metrics, creating a value proposition for his department, partnering with those he served, and conflict resolution.

When we connected the dots between his role and alliance management, he realized that as an internal service provider, he had been missing a chance to create a successful partnership in a win-win alliance.

So whether you are trying to influence a channel partner, create a strategic go-to-market arrangement, or to just get your team to execute better, I suggest you grade yourself on ASAP’s list of 25 competencies for alliance management professionals.

If you are motivated to score higher by brushing up on any of these skills, contact Onpoint Leadership. We have the background, coaching credentials and business acumen to boost your “Alliance-ability.”

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