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Restore yourself!

Summer is the time to get out of a routine, try new skills, explore, expand our perspectives, or learn something. Whether it’s a trip to visit friends or family, exploring a new city, climate or part of the world, it will help us in a restorative way. Who does not need rejuvenating after a year of school, work, challenges and stress?

Americans are not taking vacations as frequently as in the past. Not taking a break can lead to overload and possible damaging effects on your mental and physical health.

Need more benefits of taking a break?

  1. Reset your empathy and ability to be compassionate

  2. Break your physical routine of sitting

  3. See and experience new surroundings

  4. Be with those you love

  5. Laugh more

  6. Good time to unplug

  7. Catch up on sleep

  8. Boost your mood- a survey conducted by Diamond Resorts International found over 75% of respondents reported feeling happier when they planned a trip at least once per year.

Hold on to that great feeling

Even if you cannot take a full vacation, plan some break in your routine in order to get restorative benefits. Record what you are grateful for. Ask yourself what part of that experience do you want to develop into a new habit? Maybe on vacation you spend more time face to face with family instead of on your screens. Or, walking on the beach daily, helped you feel better so you choose to continue that new practice of daily walking, or it could be as simple as staying open minded to new experiences while going with the flow: instead of saying no, you just say yes. By simply committing to one change and following through, you will take some peacefulness of the vacation and hold it with you until next year.


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