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Building Your Brain’s Gray Matter: The Unexpected Strategy


Professionals go to great lengths to expand their knowledge and success:  taking courses, reading voraciously, networking with industry experts. But what if you could expand the gray matter in your brain by using a very different strategy? You can!

Do nothing.

That’s right. It sounds counterintuitive, but it works. And we’ve got the science to back it up.

I’m talking about meditation: sitting quietly and allowing our brains to step away from the never-ending list of responsibilities and the competing voices that thrash around in our heads. You might be surprised to discover that this ancient practice is now a serious strategy used by Fortune 500 companies, schools, Olympians, and even the military. Why? Because it gets results.

Neuroscience has actually proven the benefits of meditation. It can increase your focus, build your immune system, and lower your blood pressure. It allows you to increase your self-awareness and expand your perspective. And yes, research shows that meditation actually changes the gray matter in your brain—increasing the areas related to compassion and shrinking those associated with stress. That explains why meditation is such a valuable tool for teams and leaders who need to collaborate in high-pressure, fiercely competitive environments.

Want to know more? I invite you to watch this three-minute video from ABC News Anchor Dan Harris about the power of meditation and its incredible impact on his career. And then maybe take a few moments out of your day to grow that gray matter and shrink your stress.

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