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After finishing the short book, “The Power of Acknowledgment” by Judith Umlas, I realized how simple yet profound her words are.

Most managers fail to show appreciation for the work their teams deliver out of fear that it will come across wrong, or that it is not necessary.

In a few chapters, Umlas shows how a heartfelt appeal really works to acknowledge others’ accomplishments, talents and wisdom continually, and how it  can transform lives and the workplace!

When we get busy and fail to show appreciation and gratitude for what our teams do, we miss an opportunity to motivate them for even better quality performance, inject energy, get great results and improved feelings. In these times of information overload, managers are searching for simple tools they can apply at work and in their social lives and at home.

The great thing about acknowledgment is that we can practice it everywhere, at the coffee shop, with customer service on the phone, with our families, neighbors and of course, at work. Check out her book and read it in a short sitting, you will be changed!

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