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It is Harder To Stay Stuck Than to do the Work to Get Out

© Duncan Noakes -

© Duncan Noakes –

Julia Cameron wrote The Artist’s Way more than two decades ago and it is still the go-to book for creative people who are stuck.

Cameron’s message is not just for people who call themselves artists, for we are all creative and resourceful, we have just learned not to show it. Whether we heard the message from the school system or our families, a lot of us have felt that being creative will not earn us a great career or success in life.

No matter who you are, what you do for a living, or where you are in your career, from time to time we all feel stuck. You may think the work to change is too hard, yet the amazing thing is that the path forward is not earth shattering or amazing or a huge leap; it is just small steps to take each day.

Sound hard to believe? I highly recommend you give The Artist’s Way an honest try. In it, Cameron says to stop telling yourself it is too late; you are too old; you don’t have the money; you are too scared, etc. She offers many effective tools for becoming clearer about what you want, and mobilizing the energy to go and get it.

It may feel easier to complain, whine, think, or retreat to our own thoughts, yet The Artist’s Way teaches us to actively process what is going on, and take small steps to get out of being stuck. Once you build the momentum and practice of taking some steps each day and each week, you will find this becomes easier than staying stuck.

P.S. Another author, Whitney Anthony, offers nine ways to get out of being stuck in her post at The Mind Unleashed.

What helps you when you’re feeling stuck? Does it ever seem too hard to do the work of getting unstuck? Please add your comment below, or share with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or email.


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