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Russell Brand-Under the Skin

Expand your learning

As a coach, I am always on the lookout for new sources of learning. It is important to stay up on current trends and to listen to and consume information representing diverse perspectives. That was exactly why I was curious to see what Russell Brand was up to. He has written several books, Recovery – Freedom from our addictions, and Mentors, how to help and be helped, to name a few. I just stumbled upon his latest podcast, “Under the Skin.” Brand was a stand-up comedian and later became an MTV presenter, actor, radio host and activist.

His awakening through recovery

He has been sober for over a decade and has been through a 12 step recovery program. His awakening has made him a much more interesting speaker, interviewer and thought leader. Before going sober, he was very egotistical and annoying, so I never listened to him. But now, he has a different message.

Getting clear with who you are

The topics on his podcasts range from self-awareness, how to be more loving and kind, improving your relationships, meditation, fighting addictions, whether you are addicted to your work or other things, journaling, mindfulness and basically getting clear with yourself about who you are. He breaks down old categories and assumptions and interviewing Malcolm Gladwell, for example. So get out of your rut, listen to new voices, or in this case, not a new voice, but a rehabilitated one.


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