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Get out and walk

Inhale, walk through the forest, and enjoy nature. While we used to think it was relaxing or meditative, now research supports additional health benefits of breathing in what the trees are putting out into the atmosphere. Not only will it enhance your mood, but it is proven to lower blood pressure. When returning from a walk, people report a more clear mind and ability to focus on the task at hand. Who can’t use a way to reduce stress? It takes a big toll on us. In the U.S., a 2015 study found work-related stress accounts for up to $190 billion in health care costs.


  1. Problem solving is enhanced

  2. More creative ideas flow

  3. Different environments spark new ideas

  4. Walking side by side cuts through hierarchy and helps people relax

  5. You will be less tempted to look at your phone

  6. Try it with your kids to get conversations going on difficult subjects

Bravo to organizations who build walking paths and plant trees on their campuses for employees to enjoy. How often do you see employees using those paths? Many of my clients report that walking meetings with a coworker are a great way to connect and catch up: Both are getting some exercise, and it is a free and easy way to discuss issues in another way besides around the table or going to lunch. Try this the next time you need to catch up with someone. They may be relieved that it’s not a same old sit- around- the- table- meeting.

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