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Coachability Checklist

Do you have someone on your team who has great potential? Is that employee missing opportunities to improve? Are they unaware of their damaging behaviors? Could that person improve in their leadership skills and deliver more value to your organization?

You may think a coach can help, and yes, an International Coach Federation (ICF) certified coach can be of great service. But how do you decide if hiring a leadership or executive coach is worth the investment?

Use this simple form to determine how “coachable” your employee is. I suggest you also ask another manager who works with your employee for their feedback and additional perspective. Once you’ve filled out the form and the person looks “coachable,” you can proceed to find the best person to help.


Questionable__ Asks for coaching__ Appears non receptive or uninterested in coaching__ Is not defensive when offered an alternative point of view__ Staunchly defends current decisions, practices and ideas__ Welcomes ideas and feedback from others on ways to improve__ Does not listen to suggestions offered by others__ Is open to acknowledging strengths and improvements needed__ Believes asking for input is a sign of weakness__ Handles failures and setbacks with grace and honesty__ Is defensive and looks for others to blame; hides mistakes__ Has confidence and ownership for results__ Has strong desire to be right__ Is familiar with creating their own development plan__ Has not asked to review or update their own development plan__ Is committed to improving themselves__ Has not shown consistency in skill and behavior improvements__ Is open to change__ Is resistant to change__ Is learning agile (has the ability and willingness to learn from experience)__ Appears to struggle with applying new ideas, skills, behavior__ Motivated to learn and self-aware__ Appears satisfied with status quo; complacent__ Makes self-development a priority in their scheduleHas trouble planning and sticking to scheduled training and/or coaching sessions

DIRECTIONS: Check all that apply. A majority of checkmarks in the left column indicate the client is “coachable” and worthy of the time and cost investment of working with a professional certified coach.

What did this questionnaire reveal about your employee? Did you notice any interesting insights into your own coachability? Please add your comment below, or share with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or email.

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