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What have you learned lately?

Today, I looked more deeply at a client’s linked in profile, and I saw she took a course from Coursera, a global online learning platform that offers access to online course and degrees from world class universities and companies.

Her certificate showed she passed a Machine Learning course. The date and valid certificate were there. It was impressive to see that she took the course, with the certification number as proof. It was easy to post on Linked in for her organization or potential hiring managers to see.

We all must be continuous learners

The job market is more competitive than ever. There is so much content out there, we can learn anything, from better presentation skills, to Python, to discounted cash flow modeling. Many classes are free.

Success does not come to you, you go to it, those are wise words from Marva Collins who was an American Educator, Author and winner of a National Humanities Medal, among many awards for her teaching and efforts at school reform.

Gain that edge: Step towards feeling empowered

In that vein, taking initiative to find, sign up and complete a course tells the hiring manager that you are staying current, that you want to get more effective at your job, building depth in subjects and not waiting for the organization to push training to you. This is how you gain that edge, whether just because you are curious about a broad topic as a hobby, or a useful job skill such as a SQL Database programming course. Not everyone turns to new learning during COVID. Some people are just holding on, out of work, struggling to support their families, teach their kids at home, and care for each other. If you are out of work, or underemployed, consider choosing one course to take. It will boost your confidence and give you more qualifications for that job you will apply for. It can be just the right step towards feeling empowered during these tough times. Think of the doors it can open for you, the differentiation it will give you and the fun you will have learning.


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