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The Benefits of Getting Out of Our Comfort Zone

As I headed for the rowing machine at the gym, I realized that I’d forgotten my iPhone. “How can I work out without music?” I wondered. The pounding Latin beat from the Zumba class called my name, and I stepped into the room where the group had just started to warm up. It had been years since I had danced the salsa or any Latin dances, but what the heck, I decided to give it a try.

What a workout! Not only was it fun, the time flew buy and it was a great cardio, arm and leg workout. I felt fantastic after that hour.

This experience helped me realize how important it is to push ourselves out of our normal habits; take a different class, run a different path, drive a different route to work, eat different foods, and read different articles. Changing your routine is great for your brain.

I speak to many clients who’ve gotten themselves into ruts or feel stuck in their jobs or their lives. One way I suggest they jar loose is to take action in an opposite direction.

Action is very powerful, especially for someone who spends the entire workday “in their head.”

Much has been written about the benefits of the mind-body connection. For a sedentary person, even some basic walking will help wake up the brain and stimulate new ideas around an issue you’re struggling with.

Sometimes it is hard to push ourselves to think differently, so it is important to have an accountability partner who can challenge you to come up with new ways of thinking. Rather than avoid those with differing views, ask them for their feedback. It certainly won’t be the most comfortable option, but you will come away with new insights and you just may feel a whole lot better.

Have you settled into a comfort zone lately? What is one simple way you could step out?

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