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Struck by Living

This week I was struck by an incredibly gifted writer and survivor of depression.

Julie Hersh spoke at Legacy Books in Plano TX,  and I went on a friend’s suggestion that I hear her after reading the book by the same name. Julie had so much wisdom to share for everyone,  even if you or your loved ones are not suffering from depression.  Some facts: More people aged 18-35 die from suicide than HIV/Aids, yet we fail to educate our teens about mental health. Her book is powerful and I highly recommend it.  At the book signing, Julie gave great suggestions on building a strong support network and learning what you need as an individual need to be healthy, both physically and mentally. Everyone is different and need to find the best solutions for themselves.

As an executive  coach, I help people get new perspectives on their issues. Many folks get so wrapped up in their work and home issues, that they can’t see any way out. Taking on a new perspective can really help. Julie suggested reaching out and cultivating friends who are 20 years older than yourself. They will bring wisdom and perspective to you which your own group of friends simply cannot. Maybe that is why kids suddenly feel their uncles and aunts are “cool”, and when you reach middle age, you see your parents and their struggles with a new appreciation. Time and space do help.

So, learn about mental health for yourself, and your loved ones sake. Also, gain new perspectives to solve difficult problems.

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